Warranty Policy


All goods purchased from Vento Footwear are protected by the manufacturer's warranty manufacturer against material and workmanship defects.
Vento Footwear do not provide warranty against failure or damage due to misuse, but are not limited to, poor maintenance, neglect, abuse, installation or alteration that is improper or inappropriate, used outside of the purpose of the product. products, purpose of influence.
Material fatigue and / or damage, defined as a natural problem of material that occurs when subjected to repeated loading and unloading, will not be warranted.

Outsole of Shoes, Sandals, Slipper, Slides are not warranted for accidental damage, improper care, normal wear, fading and materials over time or use, tear, tear, abrasive, hole, burn or shrink. Cosmetic problems do not affect the performance of a clothing item and are not considered a warranty error.
All rubber products and all reasonable precautions should be taken to maintain the product. Exposure to factors such as extreme temperatures and direct sunshine, prolonged bacteria and chlorine and other harsh or abrasive substances can accelerate the degradation of the product and also lose warranty effect. If the product is accidentally damaged, repair kits are available or there are specialist companies available for larger repairs.


Warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original buyer. Proof of purchase is required with all potential warranty requirements.
If you feel that your purchase is defective, first check to see if it has a manufacturer's warranty and is still in the warranty period.
Please provide complete error information, along with good quality images and email information to The more details you provide, the faster we will be able to resolve your request. Please include your original order number and phone number because we can solve the problem without you having to return the item and not have it in any time period.
In case you need to send an item to us, it must be returned in a clean, dry and sanitary condition. Fill in the Return Form, including all relevant information about the error, because an incomplete form will delay processing of your return. Please attach this form to the item, making sure it is securely packaged and returned safely and securely as it will remain your responsibility until you receive and sign it in our warehouse. Do not attach postal labels to product packaging (shoe boxes, etc.).

Each warranty refund request is processed on an individual basis and we aim to process them as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, in the event that an item needs to be returned to a Vietnam supplier for testing and / or testing, the time of the decision will change.
If an error will develop within 30 days of purchase, providing a warranty claim is valid, we will refund or replace the item for you instead of waiting for the repair to proceed. We will return the item to the supplier in the Vietnam to check if, when received, we are unable to find an error or believe the error may be due to improper use, user error or accidental damage. . The final decision will be made by the supplier and the warranty request may be rejected.
After 30 days, we reserve the right to make reasonable efforts to repair a defective item before refunding or replacing. The time period for each request will vary depending on the nature of the repair or the availability of changes.

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